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The herb, with its properties of lowering blood sugar and blood fat and controlling the pressure in the body, is made from “Chiangda vegetables” as the main material. It was approved by research, which states that it could reduce the sugar level. Besides, other herbs have also been found as the material planted in an organic scheme.



Herbal products that could treat many diseases, including inflammation, itching, psoriasis, and skin diseases. They use both internal and external medicine.

Inthanon Herbal Company Limited is...

Inthanon Herbal was established by three Thai founders who have a passion to lift up Thai herbals with good quality to enhance the health of Thai people and build up the brand in the global market against herbals from abroad. With this special thing, our consultants are ready for health guidance and possess the recipe that guarantees treatment.

We specialize in Thai herbals

Inthanon Herbal Co., Ltd. We are experts in natural herbal medicine products. We have experts in the Thai traditional medicine team to give advice.

We also have a standard manufacturing factory for the export business

We have a partner as a network of natural herbal medicine factories. that meets international standards for exporting Thai herbs to foreign countries around the world.

We use natural herbs as raw materials

We have a commitment to using Thai herbs in all our products to cure various diseases. To keep patients safe from hazardous chemicals and also get effective drugs to treat the disease as well.


Our purpose is to enhance herbs for disease treatment and reduce the use of chemicals in medicine, along with a process of production that is friendly to the environment in the long term. More importantly, we expect Thai herbs to be famous globally, besides creating jobs and income for local people.


We also intend to develop products continually and cooperate with Thai traditional medicine and the lead university in exploring new herbal recipes that could potentially and safely treat patients with diseases. Moreover, farmers will have more benefits from herbal plantations, and it could reduce the use of chemicals and insecticides used for herbal plantations. They will be exported to global markets, and people will get to know good-quality medicine.


best seller products

GYMNEMA จิมเนม่า

Chiang Da herbal products and more than 10 other herbs for blood sugar control blood pressure reduce fat in blood vessels.

SALONG สะลอง

Herbal products for treating symptoms from psoriasis, red rashes, and itching, There are both internal and external medicines. psoriasis must be "Salong"

production standard

Inthanon Herbal Co., Ltd. has received international production standards for all of our products.

Thai FDA

All kinds of products from Inthanon Herbal Co., Ltd. have been marked by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


product standards for Muslims in consumption. issued by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

USDA Organic

organic sign according to US standards, certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

EU Organic

European Union organic agriculture certification mark


USDA certified organic mark


we use a GMP-certified manufacturing facility to provide the highest quality products. with maximum security

healthier choice

a mark indicating that a product meets the sugar, fat and sodium requirements for that food group.

** the mark is separate for each product received. **

products from Inthanon Herbal are...

knowledge from Thai traditional medicine
combined with
organic herbs

we use 100% natural herbs grown with organic methods.

at Inthanon Herbal, safety, without chemicals. is what we take into account first. in the process of growing herbal plants. We have our own herb garden. We use organic growing methods not using insecticides, and no hazardous chemicals are used in every production process.

reduce the release of chemicals into nature, and help farmers avoid the risk of hazardous chemicals. and help reduce the global warming situation.

our factory

Inthanon Herbal Co., Ltd. has a network of herbal factories that meet international standards. you can be confident that our products are safe, clean and meets standards.

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